Recacril 60" Acrylic Marine Canvas

  • Recasens Fabrics are manufactured with only the highest raw materials and the most rigorous quality assurance so they warranty Recacril fabrics for 10 years against premature discoloration or fabric degradation.    Proper care and cleaning should be a regular part of fabric maintenance. 
  • Infininty Manufacturing Process.   NanoParticles completely cover the surface of the fibers in the fabric forming a permanent coat ensuring the lasting quality of the fabric.   
  • Both sides are the fabric are equal since the fibers are treated before weaving.
  • Long term protection against dirt, milldew, and uv degration. 
  • Superior water repellancy and strength compared to other Acrylic Fabrics on the market.
  •  A Superior Marine Fabric!
  • Sold by the linear yard, 60" wide.  Call for roll pricing.
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