Recacril 100% Acrylic Marine Canvas

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The best Acrylic Boat topping on the market today - period.    It is simply a better product and value. 
  • Recasens Recacril Design line of 100% Acrylic Marine Canvas comes with a 10 year warranty against premature wear or discoloration.  You can count on this fabric to give the ultimate protection against whatever mother nature can muster.   
  • It's unique design system does not rely on hydrocarbons to be sprayed on the material like some in the industry, Recacril has inherent water repellancy built in from the thread level,
  • Recacril Acylic Marine Fabric also has a stronger weave and greater tensile strength compared to some of the market leaders.   
  • Find out what boat and marine enthusiasts in europe already know and get some on your boat or cover now.  Sold by the continous linear yard, 60" wide material
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