HH-66 Vinyl Cement

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HH-66 is the leading adhesive for the repair and manufacture of vinyl tents, awnings, tarps, liners, inflatables, signage, matting, automotive / marine interiors, truck covers, pools and industrial agriculture equipment.

  • Exceptional Bond Strength
  • Used extensively for bonding vinyl fabrics to themselves and other materials
  • Outstanding for sealing, waterproofing and sealing stiched seams 
  • Essential for Vinyl Tarp Repair, Oil field retainment ponds, oil Booms, Bouncy House repair, Truck Tarp Repair, or any Vinyl patching or Repair.
  • Exceptional Bond Strength - stronger than sewing.
  • Easy Application, Brush included in top.
  • Fast Drying - ready in minutes, Waterproof, offers outstanding resistance to temperature and weather.
  • Use for fabricating, repairing, sealing stitched seams. remains flexible.
  • long shelf life 
  • reasonably priced.  Prices are for case quantities only and include estimated shipping which may vary depending location.
  • Saves Time and Money